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For the worship team at Lake Church’s Sinhala Congregation, led by Bro. Johnan De Silva and Sis. Sonali, their commitment to creating a worshipful atmosphere is evident. With Bro. Johnan De Silva and Sis. Sonali at the helm, the team is guided with wisdom and passion. Talented vocalists such as Sonali, Johnan, Senomi, Niwanthi, Ramesha, Teffny, Suzzet, Anusha, and Furby lead the congregation in soul-stirring worship. Supported by skilled musicians including Johnan, Seth, Shem and Garuka, the music fills the sanctuary with praise. Gayan , Jana and Garuka expertly manage the sound engineering, ensuring clarity and quality during services. Behind the scenes, Liza, Gayan, Garuka, and Furby form the media team, while Ramesha, Garuka, Jordana, Anaiah, Liza, Dian, Avishka, Kenul, and Darina collaborate as the multimedia team. Together, they work tirelessly to create a worshipful environment where individuals can connect with God through music, visuals, and technology.