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The worship team at the Colombo Sinhala Congregation, led by Bro. Krishantha and Sis. Shermillah, is a dedicated group committed to facilitating meaningful worship experiences. Gifted singers such as Shehan, Sachin, Kevin, Jayashalini, Shalomi, Shalini, Shermillah, Pragash, and Kaushalya, along with skilled players including Krishantha, Johnan, Sachin, Kevin, Garuka, Shalomi, and Jayashalini, the team creates a dynamic and engaging atmosphere during services. Pastor Lakmal oversees the sound engineering aspect, ensuring high-quality audio production. Behind the scenes, Priyantha leads the media team consisting of Gayan, Sham, and Lisa, who handle audiovisual elements, while Ramesha leads the multimedia team comprising of Sadeesha, Kaushika, Pawan, and Kaushalya, who contribute to enhancing the overall multimedia experience. Under the leadership of Bro. Krishantha and Sis. Shermillah, the worship team collaborates effectively to lead the congregation in heartfelt worship and spiritual growth.