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The worship team of Lake Church Boralesgamuwa’s English Congregation, led by Johnan, is a vibrant and diverse group, dedicated to guiding the congregation in heartfelt worship. Johnan, a talented musician and vocalist, serves as both a player and singer, leading the team with passion and skill. Alongside our other musicians such as Seth and Garuka, Johnan, Dexter, and Pastor MacShane skillfully utilizes various instruments to create an atmosphere of praise. Accompanied by skilled vocalists, including Dexter, Julaine, Jordana, Anaiah, Sharon, Dewdun, Ruth, Senomi, and Pastor MacShane, their harmonious voices uplift and inspire during services. Behind the scenes, the media team, Under Vichi’s leadership, the media team ensures flawless execution of audiovisual elements, enhancing the worship experience. With Joash, Sean, Julie, Lisa, Furby, Shenal, Anaiah, Jordana and Garuka, they create a worshipful environment where individuals encounter God’s presence. Under Johnan’s leadership, the team works together in unity to cultivate a worshipful environment where individuals can encounter the presence of God.