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The recent church women’s meeting, led by the esteemed Dr. Shalini Nambiar Pallil, was a truly transformative experience. Dr. Pallil, a seasoned conference speaker, teacher, and pastor with over 50 years of ministry, brought a wealth of wisdom and insight to the gathering. With over 50 women in attendance, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation and expectation.

As the meeting commenced, attendees were swept up in a time of amazing worship. The melodies of praise filled the sanctuary, lifting spirits and hearts to new heights. In the midst of the worship, God’s presence was palpable, and His blessings poured out abundantly upon everyone gathered.

Under Dr. Pallil’s guidance, the women engaged in heartfelt discussions, delving into the depths of faith and spirituality. Through her teachings, she challenged and inspired each woman to grow in their relationship with God and live out their faith boldly.

By the conclusion of the meeting, hearts were stirred, minds were renewed, and spirits were refreshed. The women departed with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper connection to each other and to God. Truly, it was a divine encounter orchestrated by the hand of God at Lake Church.