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“The Promise of the Resurrection,” delivered by Rev. Conrad De Silva on Easter Sunday, March 31st, at the AOG Bethany Colombo 10 during the 10:00 am Sinhala service, was a celebration of hope and renewal. Against the backdrop of this significant Christian holiday, Rev. De Silva illuminated the profound significance of Christ’s resurrection, emphasizing the promise of eternal life and victory over death.

The service was further enriched by special performances, including a Kids Special dance by the Church Kids, showcasing the joy and innocence of Easter through their vibrant expressions. Additionally, the Worship Team presented a special instrumental song, leading the congregation in moments of reflection and worship.

Following the service, the church community came together for a festive lunch, symbolizing the fellowship and unity found in the resurrection of Christ. Through this holistic experience of worship, fellowship, and celebration, Rev. De Silva and the congregation embraced the transformative power of the resurrection, reaffirming their faith and hope in the promise of new life in Christ.