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On Easter Sunday, March 31st, the vibrant congregation of Lake Church Borelasgamuwa gathered for a special 6:00 pm English service, eagerly anticipating Rev. Conrad De Silva’s sermon on “The Power of the Resurrection of Christ.” Drawing from Acts 2:23-24, Rev. De Silva passionately preached on the transformative significance of Christ’s resurrection. He eloquently depicted how the pivotal events unfolded, highlighting the fulfillment of prophecy and the triumph over death through Christ’s resurrection. The congregation was deeply moved as they embraced the profound implications of this foundational truth for their lives. Additionally, the service featured a worship team’s special song, uplifting the atmosphere with melodies of praise and adoration. Following the service, the church gathered for a joyous dinner, fostering fellowship and celebration among the entire congregation as they commemorated the resurrection of their Savior in unity and gratitude.