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Sunday School at Lake Church and AOG Bethany Colombo 10 is a vibrant and dynamic program that caters to children from all four congregations, providing them with a nurturing environment to learn about God’s love and teachings. Led by a dedicated team of teachers including Pastor Araliya, Pastor Nichole, Phoebe, Dilini, Thushari, Trishly, Renosha, Beaula, Julie, Nilanthi, Dilukshi, Ruth, Dinali, Aimy, and Dezery the Sunday School program offers engaging and age-appropriate lessons that help children grow in their faith and understanding of Scripture.

With up to 300 children attending each week, Sunday School is a bustling and lively gathering where children are encouraged to participate in interactive lessons, creative activities, and meaningful discussions. Through storytelling, crafts, games, and music, the teachers bring Bible stories and principles to life, helping children connect with God in a meaningful way.

The Sunday School program at Lake Church and AOG Bethany Colombo 10 not only focuses on spiritual growth but also emphasizes the importance of building strong character, developing friendships, and serving others. Children are encouraged to apply biblical truths to their everyday lives and to share God’s love with those around them.

Overall, Sunday School at Lake Church and AOG Bethany Colombo 10 provides a welcoming and nurturing environment where children can experience the love of God, grow in their faith, and build a strong foundation for their spiritual journey