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The Children’s Day celebration at AOG Bethany Colombo 10 – Sinhala Congregation in 2023 was a heartwarming and inspiring event filled with patriotism, worship, and artistic performances by talented children. The highlight of the day was an emotional song performed by a young patriot, stirring the audience’s emotions and instilling a sense of national pride. The worship segment, led by the children, was a beautiful display of their devotion and musical talent as they sang and played instruments with sincerity and skill. The event also featured captivating dances, dramatic presentations, and soulful songs, all performed by the talented kids of the congregation. It was a touching experience to witness the entire service being conducted by the children, showcasing their leadership abilities and spiritual maturity. The celebration left a lasting impression on all who attended, reminding everyone of the importance of nurturing and empowering the next generation.