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About Church

Senior Pastor: Reverend Conrad de Silva stands as the spiritual anchor of the Lake Church Sinhala Congregation. His wisdom and guidance shape the congregation’s journey of faith, providing them with direction and inspiration.

Senior Pastor’s Wife: Pas. Araliya, the wife of Rev. Conrad de Silva, plays a pivotal role in supporting the pastoral ministry of her husband. With her warmth and grace, she extends a nurturing presence to the congregation, fostering a sense of community and care.

Assistant Pastor: Ps. Dinesh Constantine complements the leadership of Rev. Conrad de Silva, bringing his own insights and energy to the pastoral team. His dedication to service and ministry enriches the spiritual life of the congregation.


Leadership Team:The diverse and dedicated leadership team of Lake Church Sinhala Congregation comprises individuals such as Bro. Mohomad, Sis. Nishama, Sis. Sonali, Sis. Philer, Sis. Manel Fransisco, Sis. Tefni, Sis. Lalitha, Sis. Dilruksh, Br. Roshan, and Sis. Niranji. Together, they provide invaluable support to the pastoral staff, offering their time, talents, and commitment to the various ministries and initiatives of the church.

Sunday School Teachers:Pas. Araliya, Fathima Teacher, and Furby Teacher serve as dedicated educators within the congregation, nurturing the spiritual growth and development of the youngest members. Through their teaching and mentorship, they lay the foundation for a strong and vibrant faith community.

United by their shared commitment to faith and service, the leadership of Lake Church Sinhala Congregation works tirelessly to guide and nurture the spiritual journey of its members, fostering a community marked by love, compassion, and