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About Church

At the heart of the AOG Bethany CLC Colombo 10 Tamil Congregation lies a leadership team driven by a profound sense of duty and devotion. Reverend Conrad de Silva, a figure revered for his wisdom and humility, serves as the congregation’s Senior Pastor. Alongside him stands Pas. Araliya, his steadfast partner in both life and ministry, whose warmth and compassion uplift the spirits of all who cross her path. Pastor Lester, as the Assistant Pastor, brings his own unique blend of leadership and insight to the congregation. His presence adds depth and strength to the pastoral team, ensuring that the needs of the congregation are met with care and compassion.


In the realm of Tamil services, Pas. Ramani assumes a pivotal role, ensuring that worship experiences are not only spiritually enriching but also inclusive and welcoming to all. Under her guidance, the congregation finds solace and inspiration in the Tamil language, fostering a deep sense of cultural and spiritual belonging.


Complementing the pastoral leadership is a dedicated team comprising Bro. Sudhagaran, Sis. Niroshani, Sis. Sharmila, Bro. Pragash, and Bro. Nishanthan. United in their commitment to serving the congregation, they embody the core values of faith, integrity, and service, working tirelessly to nurture a community where every member feels valued and supported.


Guiding the next generation of believers with grace and patience are Sunday School teachers Niroshani, Julie, and Dilukshi. Through their selfless dedication and unwavering faith, they instill in young hearts the timeless truths of the gospel, shaping the future of the congregation with each lesson taught and each heart touched.


Together, this collective of leaders forms the backbone of the AOG Bethany CLC Colombo 10 Tamil Congregation, exemplifying the transformative power of faith and community in action. Theirs is a journey marked by service, compassion, and unwavering devotion to the shared mission of spreading God’s love to all who seek it.