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About Church

At the forefront of the Lake Church English Congregation stands a committed leadership team, spearheaded by Reverend Conrad de Silva. His profound vision and steadfast guidance serve as the cornerstone of the congregation’s spiritual journey. Pas. Araliya, his esteemed wife, provides unwavering support, while Ps. Dinesh Constantine assists in shepherding the flock with compassion and dedication.


The leadership ensemble is composed of individuals such as Bro. Johnan, Sis. Vichakshana, Sis. Vanesa, Sis. Pamela, Sis. Julaine, Pas. Macshane, Sis. Amanda, and Br. Danuka. Each member brings a unique set of skills and perspectives to the ministry, enriching the congregation’s collective experience. Together, they labor tirelessly to cultivate an environment of warmth and nurture, ensuring that all members feel welcomed and valued.


Guiding the spiritual growth of the younger generation is a team of devoted Sunday School teachers. Led by Pas. Araliya, alongside Dinali, Aimy, and Dezery, these educators play a pivotal role in instilling essential spiritual teachings and values in the hearts and minds of the congregation’s youth.


With their collective dedication to service and their unwavering commitment to nurturing faith, the Lake Church English Congregation continues to thrive under the guidance of its exemplary leadership team.