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On the solemn occasion of Good Friday, March 29th, Rev. Conrad De Silva delivered a thought-provoking sermon at Lake Church Borelasgamuwa during the 6:00pm English service. Titled “Bad Friday or Good Friday?” the sermon delved into the contrasting perspectives surrounding the events of Christ’s crucifixion, as depicted in Matthew 27:29-31. Rev. De Silva skillfully navigated the narrative, exploring the irony of the mocking and scorn endured by Jesus, juxtaposed with the profound significance of His sacrificial death. Through insightful exposition and heartfelt reflection, attendees were challenged to contemplate the deeper meaning of Good Friday, recognizing it not as a day of defeat, but as a pivotal moment of redemption and hope for humanity. As the congregation pondered the profound implications of Christ’s suffering and victory over sin, they were invited to embrace the transformative power of the cross in their own lives.